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Construction Technical Company
Chatzistamou Vassilis & Charalambos
Civil Engineer - Permits - Studies - Real Estate Construction - Renovations
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The technical office started operating in 1984 by Babis Chatzistamou Ptych. Civil Engineer for the purpose of designing, developing civil engineering projects. The office is framed by the appropriate associate engineers so that it can fully cope with any kind of study and supervision.

In addition, in 2016 the technical office was staffed by Vassilis Chatzistamou B.Sc. Civil Engineer (MSc) active with knowledge related to architectural design, static design and supervision of complex building projects.

More than 500 constructions have been licensed in our CV, such as Industrial buildings, houses, apartment buildings, biological treatment facilities, gas stations, ceramics factory, hotel unit, sacred temples, public squares, etc. In addition, our office deals with topographic studies with state-of-the-art topographic instruments.

In our long course, we are constantly looking for new ways to promote our knowledge and refine our services in order to find the best and most functional solution.
Since 2006, the Technical Company of Ch. Chatzistamou and SIA EE have been established, which offers integrated services for the construction and management of technical projects of all categories. Our company with its long experience and experienced technicians can cope with even the most specialized construction.